Categories & KeywordsImage bookshelf on laptop

After you’ve polished your manuscript and are ready to finally upload, you see where you must select categories and keywords applicable to your story.

Choosing the right ones can very well make the difference between sales and the lack thereof. When selecting categories, think about a physical bookstore. The horrors are in a particular section, so are the mysteries, thrillers and non-fiction. Everything is sectioned off nicely so that potential buyers can easily locate the types of books they wish to read. Your category selection at Amazon and elsewhere requires the same train of thought. There are many categories and sub-categories to choose from, so be cautious to select the best two for your book (or however many you’re allowed) and then it’s time to focus on the keywords.

When it comes to keywords, think about the various scenes in your book and even how you would sum up the story yourself. Is it a supernatural suspense or does it have scenes in Thailand, Jamaica, the United States or some other country or city? Is the plot about young-adults or the elderly? Is a budding romance found among the pages? You get the idea. Think of your keywords in a similar way as you would the categories. When someone searches for a certain type of book, they may key in: murder mystery, vampires, inspirational books – all depending on what it is they would like to read. Your keywords can even be short phrases followed by a comma.

Give your categories and keywords careful thought. Watch their performance for several weeks to a couple of months and then if you think your book isn’t getting much visibility, switch things up – select different categories/sub-categories (still applicable to your book) and add and subtract some keywords. It’s mostly trial and error.

I hope you find these nuggets useful. I’m happy to share. Have a beautiful day. 🙂